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by xoCIGARS.com Aficionado


Cigars are one of the best ways to represent your lifestyle. One cannot ignore that a cigar has, for a very long time, been an outstanding way to represent how things used to be. For instance, the tradition of good conversation about things that matter.


They are a great companion in any stage of your life whether it is an occasion like wedding, having a baby, a big promotion at work, or one of many other joyous festivities. As well as, activities such as; golf, billiards, fishing, camping, or even sailing may be the perfect time for you to spark up that bad boy. You may also enjoy a satisfying smoke after dinner, on your porch, or in your den. Whatever the occasion, smoking a cigar helps to make the best moments more memorable through satisfaction, enjoyment, comfort and of course, relaxation.


As fine cigars have become more and more popular to people all over the world, variations and distinctions between cigars have become very much a personal choice. It helps to know beforehand what you are looking for but, if you are unsure at first, and do not have time to read the rest of this short article;) Try the one that looks best to you!


A cigar is something you want to buy for your own distinct pleasure and enjoyment and although, you may not know yet which one is perfect for you, try a few different ones and you will soon see how your style fits in with all of the choices available today. That is one reason we sell single, premium cigars at the same price you buy our already low-priced boxes (no mark-up on singles "We open open boxes for you."). At the very least, we strongly recommend not giving preference to someone else’s choice when it comes to choosing your cigar.


Choosing the right cigar for you, like most everything else, becomes simpler once you gain a basic understanding of cigars to help make your choice a good one. You will next reap the benefits of understanding how and why enjoying a premium, hand-rolled cigar is one of the “Finer things in life”.



The Body


The body of a cigar refers to how intense it is often referred to as the “strength”. The body of cigar is not about its length, width or shape. Choosing the right body for you is certainly a matter of personal preference. The veteran smoker may prefer full-bodied or full-flavored smokes, whereas, a novice may very much enjoy a flavorful, but mildly intense body.

The cigar wrapper itself can be an excellent indicator of body, as, much of the flavor and intensity of a fine cigar comes from the years of experience and the years of caring and curing that Premium Cigar Manufacturers put into each and every wrapper. Only the finest leaves are chosen, and picked at the exact right moment to maximize flavor, smoothness, and intensity.

For example, a light-colored, shade-grown Connecticut wrapper will most-likely be quite mild and flavorful. In contrast, a rich, dark, oily, sun grown wrapper such as an aged Maduro or Oscuro (sometimes referred to as, a “Double Maduro”) will typically be much more intense, and the flavor much richer. Most manufacturers will have several wrappers from to choose from. Take a look at the xoCIGARS.com “SHOP” Menu for examples of the many different varieties of available wrappers.


The Size

Cigars come in many different sizes. Cigar size typically refers to the diameter (ring-size), as well as the length. The diameter of a cigar is measured with a “ring gauge”. One ring gauge unit equals 1/64th of an inch. So, if the diameter of the cigar is a 48 ring-size, that means it is 48/64th’s of one inch in diameter = ¾’s of an inch. Please refer to XO Cigars' CIgar Shape, Color and Size chart, or, the "Typical Cigar Sizes" button, available on any product detail page (using the "Style" button) will take you to the same place, also, this handy chart is available on the main menu as well, under "Cigar Info/Cigar Shapes". Generally, the longer and wider a cigar, the longer it will smoke, thinner; hotter and faster.  

So, choosing the size of your cigar depends largely on how long you have to smoke it. For example, a short-thin cigar may burn for 30 mins. We suggest just one draw no sooner than every 30-seconds but, if you can wait a full minute between draws, it will be nice and cool. A long, thick cigar may burn for an hour-and-a-half. The thinner the cigar, the hotter and faster it will burn, which also gives it a more distinct flavor than the same wrapper on a more robust, wider and longer cigar. The length of a cigar is measured in inches in United States (whereas, in England and other countries it is measured in centimeters). So simply, a 6.0 x 48 size cigar is 6 inches long with a diameter of ¾’s of an inch. A 64 ring-size is 1 inch in diameter.



The Shape


There are basically only two categories of cigar shapes; Parejo (straight, or parallel-sides) and Figuardo (anything but straight sides). Manufacturers in many cases like to come up with their own names for Figuardo’s but, several have also adopted a somewhat consistent naming “standard”. As such, the shape of a cigar can vary greatly in both design and name from brand to brand.


Please refer to the xoCIGARS.com “SHOP” Menu Size,Shape for examples of the many available choices. Please enjoy shopping at XO Cigars; and then, relax and appreciate the fine craftsmanship and caring put into every draw and every roll.


The experience is so undeniably flavorful, tasty and delectable, relaxing, satisfying but, to experience it (with variations, of course) you need to do something like this: inconspicuously, warm up the foot with a lighter for 10 seconds. Light it so glows all around (blow on it if you like:). Take a couple of small puffs, blow out all the smoke, then Mmmm. Wait 1 minute between draws, get a big heater on it, take a big draw (lots of smoke), never inhale, blow out ALL the smoke.. 5 seconds later: Mmmmmmmm. I need better adjectives lol. Please let us know if you can think of better adjectives.


Love a fine smoke. XO.





"xoCIGARS.com delivers the BEST to you - excellent selection, fast shipping, low prices and premium singles."


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