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At XO, we believe you should have it all - not just some. That is why we stock thousands of SINGLES; thousands of different premium Hand-rolled cigars, BOXES and SINGLES delivered the next day, if you like. We deliver the finest Premium cigars, pipes and Accessories from all over the world (and soon, hand-rolled Cuban cigars as well;).

xoCIGARS was born in 2005, in a time when the cigar industry was booming and cigar quality was outstanding. Well, we are pleased to inform you that that is still the case.

We have tried our best to organize our SHOP menu so you can easily find the products you like, or want to try, by selecting the category or sub-category you would like to browse. Also, by searching (using the magnifying glass), can focus direclty on specific products. We are still learning, so, if you find anything not working or that could be improved, please kindly let us know (and we will fix it!) Any, questions, comments or queries, please also let us know. Your feedback is very important!

"Live the life of luxury as, variety and curiosity are the spices of life."

One low shipping price per order (or FREE). Always, FREE Shipping on orders over $149.99

Love a fine smoke. 

Team XO



"xoCIGARS.com delivers the BEST to you - excellent selection, fast shipping, low prices and premium singles."


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