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It happens to all of us. You buy a box of excellent cigars and tuck them away for a special day. Fast forward a few months and you suddenly realize you’ve totally forgotten about them! Or, you find one in a cigars case not in the humidor. Whatever the case of your dry cigar syndrome, not to worry, if in decent shape we can bring it back even if 40 years later.

Nobody likes letting things go to waste, fortunately, there is a way to restore a dry cigar. As long as the wrapper hasn't cracked, and the oil from the tobacco hasn’t evaporated, you can in fact rejuvenate your cigars.

The downside is that this process takes some time, so you’ll have to be patient. But make the effort to put in the work and you’ll surely be pleased with the results. Fortunately again, there are actually a couple of different ways you can do this so, you can use whichever method suits you best:


1) Ziplock Bag: Have your cigars in an open box and place it into a ziplock bag with a number of small holes poked through. Seal the bag. Then, take another larger ziplock bag, insert a damp cloth and place the first bag with the cigars inside there as well. Seal the larger ziplock bag. Every few days, turn the cigars over to cover all sides which, will help to ensure your cigars are evenly humidified.


2. Humidor: Put your cigars in a humidor that hasn’t been charged. They’ll need to absorb moisture slowly so you don’t want to shock them. Let them sit in there for a few days to about a week.

Then, fill your humidifier about halfway using distilled water, insert it into the humidor, and let the cigars sit in there for another week. After that, recharge your humidor completely and again leave the cigars inside. After one more week goes by (at least), they are now finally ready for you to enjoy!


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