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Besides providing our customers with high-quality cigars one of XOCigar’s main goals has always been to create a community for our fellow cigar enthusiasts.


From country-wide smoke sessions amongst customers to the lively discussions in ClubXO Forums, we want to give cigar enthusiasts a place to discuss their hobby, swap thoughts, and tips, and meet like-minded people.


One discussion is the numerous different cigar shapes and sizes available, so knowing what characteristics you’ll find within those various options can be very informative. When talking about the size, you probably know cigars are measured by length (in inches in the U.S.) as well as ring gauge, which is the distance around the diameter broken down into 64ths of an inch. So, for example, a cigar with a diameter of 42 has a 42/64 ring gauge. (A cigar with a ring gauge of 64/64 as that would mean the cigar had a diameter measuring an inch).

XO Cigars Size and Shape chart


When it comes to shape, there are “Parejos,” the standard-barrel-shaped cigar, which can measure anywhere from three to nine inches, as well as unique varieties like the “Figurados,” which are an irregular shaped (any shape but parejo)


Please note that there is absolutely no relationship between the size and shape of the cigar and the level of quality. Even the biggest cigars can be smooth and a shorter cigar can deliver a mighty, full-bodied punch if filled with a zestier blend. The best way to go about this is to find something that suits your preference, and the occasion! If you like chomping on a huge stogie, by all means, find some larger varieties that suit your palate. If you want something sleek and elegant, there are many fine options available.


Educate yourself about all the different sizes and you’ll be one step closer to finding your favorite stogie. Don’t be too hesitant to try something that you’re unfamiliar with. Whether you want a smooth, gentle experience or something a little more rousing, there are options when it comes to both for every size cigar.


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