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Although, wrapper color may be the sort of information seasoned cigar smokers are well aware of, some may not realize the importance of the color/shade of the wrapper.


The shade of a cigar wrapper tells much about the characteristics of a particular cigar. Over time, you may develop preferences for certain shades and will soon learn that prominent colors for which each manufacturer is known, is largely due to the geographic area the wrapper was produced. There are seven "standard" shades of cigar wrapper, but, given so many different wrapper locations, varieties, and curing processes results in many slightly different wrapper hues.


Here’s an overview of some common wrapper colors and names from the lightest to the darkest:

- Candela: Also known as a “double claro,” these feature a green color due to the short aging process. These are typically fairly mild.
- Claro: A pale to light brown (or “natural”) wrapper. This is the classic color of Connecticut grown tobacco wrappers.
- Colorado Claro: A more solid brown. Fuller bodied than the claro.
- Colorado: A reddish brown wrapper typical in more extensively aged cigars. Rich in flavor, usually shade grown.
- Colorado Maduro: A sun-grown dark brown wrapper, most often seen on cigars produced in Honduras, Nicaragua, and occasionally Cuba. Aromatic and bold.
- Maduro: A dark, almost coffee-like color. These sungrown wraps tend to be full flavored with a slightly sweet taste. 
- Oscuro: Sometimes called a “double maduro” due to the extensive aging process and sun-grown black-like hue, these are intense and flavorful cigars wrappers typically produced in Mexico, Brazil, and Nicaragua.


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