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As you know, a humidifier is necessary to keep your cigars fresh at peak temperature and humidity. Humidifiers will maintain the 68 to 72% humidity that is ideal storing and preserving your cigars.


You will need to initially "charge" the humidifier which, is the process of filling the humidifier with distilled water and/or propylene glycol. 


Here are the 4 steps for charging your humidifier:


  1. Remove the humidifier (the part you fill with water) from the humidor. 

  2. Fill the humidifier with distilled water, or, with a mixture of 50% distilled water and 50% propylene glycol. The humidifier should not be overfilled. 

  3. Wipe the inside of the humidor with a damp cloth with the same mixture you used to fill the humidifier. You do not want the humidor to be soaked, only to dampen it slightly. 

  5. Dry the humidifier on the outside and place back into the humidor. 


Congratulations, your humidifier has been charged!


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