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Refilling a butane cigarette lighter is probably a lot easier than you’re thinking it is. Refills are available everywhere, whether it be a large retailer like Walmart or your local tobacco shop. Colibri and Ronson are two of the best, most reliable brands. It’s worth purchasing a quality brand of fuel because lesser brands can actually clog the valve.

Figure 1: Alec Bradley Table-Top Torch Lighter


The biggest mistake people make when they’re trying to refill their butane lighters is not placing the lighter in an upside-down position. This is absolutely crucial, otherwise you’ll only inject air into the lighter and it will fail to work properly unless it is drained and refilled all over again the correct way.

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So here’s how to refill:

  1. Choose an open space with plenty of ventilation.
  2. As always, read all the warning labels and read thoroughly through the directions on the can.
  3. Set the flame height to the lowest level, using a small screwdriver to turn clockwise until the adjuster is as close to the (-) position as possible.
  4. Hold the lighter as well as the butane bottle upside-down and away from your face. Align the tip of the refill can with the refill valve, making sure it is covered completely by the tip of the refill can. Press down on the refill button for 5 to 10 seconds.
  5. Wait a couple minutes before attempting to ignite your lighter to make sure the butane has settled and then adjust the flame height according to your personal preferences.

And then you’re ready to go!




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