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For the most part, you’re not going to see a whole lot of variety when it comes to cigars. Of course, they differ in size and shape and shade, but all cigars are made out of the same three key elements: a wrapper, a binder, and the filler.


Cigars that are typically long, cylindrical, with a rounded end are generally referred to as “parejo” which, in Spanish, means parallel, in Spanish. There are numerous other cigar shapes available however, for example, Torpedos, Perfectos, and the list goes on. Please refer to below for XO CIgars' Size, Color, and Shape chart. Even though cigars differ slightly from one other and parallel cigars remain the most popular, any other shape besides parallel is called a "figuardo".


XO Cigars Shape, Color, and Size Chart


Please find below a breakdown of the key parts of a cigar:


Wrapper: A cigar's wrapper is the outside layer of tobacco, a full leaf, that holds the cigar together. It is also the essential source of the cigar's flavor. The wrapper cigar wrapper consists of most premium, quality, precisely aged leaves and is available in an assortment of colors - from the lightest Double Claro to the exceptionally dark Oscuro.


Filler: Filler tobacco makes up the internal body of a cigar and typically consists of a blend of different tobaccos. The filler leaves determine the quality of the cigar and the majority of the flavor. There are two kinds of filler: short filler, which is composed of small scraps of tobacco, and long filler, which is composed of whole, single leaves clustered together.


Binders: Binders are the leaves secured together with a special paste that holds the filler tobacco together. 


When the wrapper, filler, and binder are all produced within the same region, the cigar is called a Puro.




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