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Cigars are a tradition, one that has been taken up by cultures, all across the world, throughout history. Whether you’re lighting up a cigar to socialize or to setting aside a moment for a successful introspection, following in the steps of the many who have shared an affinity for this fine ritual places you within that same history and makes you part of one of the oldest traditions.


Cigars and Business - Whether smoking a cigar with business associates, bouncing ideas off one another, developing impressive marketing strategies, ideas for innovation, this phenomenon allows us to be unconstrained. Cigars are a major part of all kinds of gatherings, of course, but especially famous ones like those between business partners when high-dollar deals are going down:). There is a reason cigars are associated with extraordinary thoughts, million dollar arrangements, and major achievements; freedom, relaxation, and flavor (to name a few).


Cigars and Celebrations - Lighting up a cigar during a party gives you a chance to take a step back and appreciate the atmosphere. Nothing’s better than the perfect pairing between a fine cigar and a well-made libation. Weddings, black-tie affairs, birthdays - gathering together to light a fine cigar in celebration is a tried-and-true tradition to toast any special occasion.


Cigars and Intimacy - There truly may be no greater pleasure than lighting up a cigar after spending a little one-on-one time with your significant other. An excellent cigar adds the perfect buzz when you and your boo are cuddling up in each other’s arms. Plus, let’s be honest. Cigars are sexy.


Cigars and Self-Reflection - Some of the greatest minds throughout history have been cigar smokers. Mark Twain, Fidel Castro, Sigmund Freud, Winston Churchill to name a few. That’s because the experience of a cigar appeals to innovative and engaging people who are not afraid to think big and look inside for answers. The ritual of smoking a cigar allows you that space and time. Strike up a friendship with a fellow cigar and you’re sure to have a successful friend for life. During this rich tradition, you may just find within a few exceptional "Eureka" moments yourself.




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