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Figure 1: Colibri Eclipse Cutter

Hello all,

Cigar cutters are used to chop of the top of a cigar to prepare them for smoking. Cutting a cigar correctly ensures a balanced burn and a clear flavor. There are three primary cuts you can perform: the straight cut, the wedge (or V) cut, and the hole punch. The cut you use depends on the size the cigar, what shape it’s in, the sort of filler tobacco used, and your own personal preference. Make sure you get a perfect cut each time with one of our high-quality cutters.

Figure 2: Guillotine Cutter

Straight Cigar Cutters: 

The straight cut, double-blade guillotine is the most common method of cutting a cigar. The precision this method allows for always delivers a super clean cut.


Figure 3: Vertigo Big Daddy 80RG Cutter


Wedge or V Cutters

Rather than chopping off the head of the cigar entirely, the wedge/v cutter makes an v-shaped hole in the cap of your cigar, giving you more surface area. Although it’s a less common method, it works well on thinner cigars and erases the danger of cutting too much off the cigar.

Figure 4: CI 2-Finger CI Cutter


Figure 5: Bugatti Carbon Fiber Cutter

Punch Cutter 
Somewhat similar to the wedge cutter, a punch cutter punches a small, circular hole into the end of the cap. If the hole is not substantial, it might make for a very tough pull. 

  Figure 6: Bullet Cutter


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